Sustainable Energy Nanomaterials Lab


Alex Khlopenkov

February 9, 2018 -- Grayson Johnson

My name is Alex Khlopenkov and I am third-year undergraduate student at the University of Virginia majoring in chemistry. My interest lies in particular in research seeking to find efficient alternatives to fossil fuels to combat climate change. I feel that the younger generation of scientists and researchers, including myself, will likely play a major part in finding a solution to this problem. I also have an interest in foreign languages.

John Brosnahan

November 29, 2017 -- Grayson Johnson

J.T. was raised in Haymarket, VA. In May 2015, he received a B.S. in Chemistry from the College of William & Mary. His primary scientific interests are focused in the exploration of nanoscale materials for renewable energy and conversion applications. Outside of the lab, J.T. enjoys participating in outdoor activities such as hiking and sports, as well as listening to and writing music

Chrstiana Ivanova

October 19, 2017 -- Grayson Johnson

Christiana is a first-year undergraduate student from McLean, Virginia planning to major in Environmental Chemistry with a minor in Biology. While her research experience is just beginning, Christiana is eager to study green chemistry related subjects, including the creation of more efficient nanocatalysts for renewable energy conversion. Extracurricularly, she enjoys beekeeping, reading, language learning, and meditation.

Yulu Zhang

March 8, 2017 -- Grayson Johnson

Yulu grew up in Shanghai, China and came to the U.S. to receive her B.Sc. in chemistry from Syracuse University. Currently, her research interests include surface functionalization and self-assembly of nanoparticle materials. Outside of lab she enjoys watching movies, listening to music, and travelling.

Grayson Johnson

March 1, 2017 -- artsci

Grayson was raised in Deltaville, VA on the beautiful Chesapeake Bay. His undergraduate training is in chemistry with a specialization in chemical physics (BSc - UVA 2016). His research interests include developing mechanistic understandings of heterogeneous catalysts, particularly those applied to reduction of carbon dioxide. Outside of lab, Grayson enjoys boating, fishing, and football. He is a member of the Chi Psi fraternity and Alpha Chi Sigma professional chemistry fraternity.

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