Energy, Catalysis, Environmental Sustainability, Functional Nanomaterials


Daniel Tarr

September 8, 2020 -- Shen-Wei Yu

Daniel was born and raised in Stafford, Virginia until transferring to UVA in 2019. Transferring in as a third year he declared B.S Chemistry and is on track to graduate in May 2021. His guided research for the Zhang Lab includes controlled synthesis of nanoparticles for clean energy applications. In his free time, Dan enjoys hiking, traveling, and watching tv shows.

Shinning Wang

January 29, 2020 -- pmg2vy

Shining Wang is a third year undergraduate student from Guangzhou, China. She is majoring in Chemical Engineering and Statistics with a concentration in econometrics. In her spare time, she enjoys hiking, traveling and watching TV shows.

Shen-Wei Yu

January 2, 2020 -- pmg2vy

Shen-Wei grew up in Yilan, Taiwan. In May 2009, he received a B.S. in Chemistry from The Citadel. In Aug 2012, he joined Prof. Chen-Bin Wang’s group at Chung Cheng Institute of Technology for steam reforming of ethanol, and he received his M.S. in Chemical Engineering in Jun 2014. In the Zhang lab he has begun work on CO2 hydrogenation. 

Joshua Gibson

September 24, 2019 -- pmg2vy

Joshua Gibson is a third year Chemistry student from Virginia Beach, Virginia. He is pursuing a 3+1 BS in Chemistry and an MA in Chemistry. Joshua also plays viola in the Charlottesville Symphony, and in his spare time, enjoys playing soccer and running.

Juan Garcia

April 1, 2019 -- pmg2vy

Juan was born in Puerto Rico and lived there for 7 years before moving to Stafford, Virginia where currently resides. As a first year undergraduate, he plans to complete a 3+1 program to obtain a B.S. and M.A. in chemistry with a specialization in biochemistry. His guided research includes the synthesis of metal nanomaterials for efficient catalysis of oxygen reduction reactions. During his leisure time Juan enjoys spending time with friends, watching dramas, and listening to diverse forms of music.

Rebecca Brown

March 28, 2019 -- pmg2vy

Rebecca Brown is an engineering undergraduate student from Stafford, Virginia. She is majoring in chemical engineering and pursues her interests in clean energy applications. In her free time, Rebecca enjoys going bouldering, running, and spending time with friends.

Perrin Godbold

November 14, 2018 -- Grayson Johnson

Perrin grew up in Stanardsville VA, just north of Charlottesville. He attended James Madison University for his undergraduate education, where he did work on a diverse array of topics including ionic liquids, photocatalytic coatings, and even beer. He currently resides in Harrisonburg with his wife and son. In his spare time, he enjoys reading, music, and basketball.

Chang Liu

March 8, 2017 -- Grayson Johnson

Chang grew up in Gansu China and received his B.E. with specilization of material chemistry at South China University of Technology in 2014. Then he came to U.S. and received his M. Sc. degree in polymer engineering at University of Akron in 2015. Currently his research focuses on controlled synthesis of nanomaterials catalysts for oxygen reduction, CO2 reduction, water splitting and natural gas utilization. Outside of lab, Chang enjoys listening to Chinese cross-talk, watching drama, playing billiards. 

Grayson Johnson

March 1, 2017 -- artsci

Grayson was raised in Deltaville, VA on the beautiful Chesapeake Bay. His undergraduate training is in chemistry with a specialization in chemical physics (BSc - UVA 2016). His research interests include developing mechanistic understandings of heterogeneous catalysts, particularly those applied to reduction of carbon dioxide. Outside of lab, Grayson enjoys boating, fishing, and football. He is a member of the Chi Psi fraternity and Alpha Chi Sigma professional chemistry fraternity.

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